May 19, 2010



He said he wanted to talk. He said he was frustrated. And confused. And that he needed guidance.

And he came to me. 

He said he wasn’t getting better. That he didn’t feel like he was making progress. That it seemed pointless. That he didn’t know if it was worth continuing.

I asked him if he was having fun. I asked him if there was too much pressure. I told him how I put too much pressure on myself. I said a lot of other things without thinking too much.

And he nodded and said that I had helped.

When he left, I was suddenly terrified. What if he was actually listening?

Teachers have more influence than anyone. And they aren’t granted that power from above. They’re granted the power from their students and and the power is based in trust. It is wonderful and significant.

But what a handsome responsibility.

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