Feb 16, 2011

Getting Noticed Has Nothing To Do With Talent


There are a lot of talented people in the world. Not all of them are given the credit they deserve.

And it’s not about perseverance either. For every heart-warming success story you hear, there are many many more of failure.

Getting noticed isn’t about having the skills…

Getting noticed is about the surprise factor. About doing something unexpected.

Greyson is a pretty good singer and piano player. Maybe he’s even above average compared to other popular musicians. But that’s not why 37 million people watched his video. And it’s definitely not why he was invited to be on Ellen.

He became an internet sensation because no one expected him to. Because he was 13. Because his performance was just another kid in Church playing the piano. Because there’s no way something amazing happens in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma.

Getting noticed isn’t about being the best, it’s about the difference between an expectation and an experience. The greater the gap, the greater the attention. And there isn’t a clause that says the experience has to be moregood than the expectation.

It just needs to make someone’s jaw drop.

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