Sep 11, 2011

The Victories No One Cares About


We have this crazy, insatiable need to share the happy moments of our lives. A majority of communication is based on this desire to share. Unfortunately, in the grand scheme of things, most of these happy moments are tiny. More importantly, they are personal and hard for other people to relate to.

As a tennis instructor, my success is in seeing tiny improvements in technique, changes that are barely visible to the naked eye. Most of the time, the player doesn’t notice the difference either. As an amateur web designer, my success is in writing clean and efficient code that I can understand one year later and that I can reuse in the future as well.

Unfortunately for me, a completely refactored website and a tweaked forehand are only visible to me. The users of my website don’t care that the architecture of the code is clean and efficient if their experience doesn’t change. My clients don’t care that the tweaked forehand will allow them to play injury-free for an extra few years if their shots aren’t landing inside the lines.

Those little victories are reserved only for me.

I think it’s really interesting that these victories, that no one cares about, are the ones that give me the greatest joy. They are the one’s that make me throw up my arms in the air in a silent cheer and then lower them again when others give me strange looks.

We have this crazy, insatiable need to share the small victories in our lives. Fortunately or unfortunately, no one cares about a majority of these small victories.

Maybe that makes them all the more valuable.

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