May 8, 2015


Ben E. King died last week. I didn't really know much of him or his music, but Stand By Me has been one of my all-time classic favorites for a long time and I wanted this week to be three covers of that track.

But then I announced ThreeMusics publicly and amidst discovering random music and people sending me more, I couldn't dedicate all three of today's selections to Mr. King, so I cut it down to just one cover. From there it's an ad-hoc list--which was always the intention for this weekly. 

  1. Tracy Chapman's cover of Stand By Me is probably my favorite, because I love Tracy Chapman.
  2. When the Nooran sisters casually belt out Patakha Guddi, I hear years of discipline and dedication.
  3. A friend/subscriber from the test run last week sent me this Vampire Weekend ditty and I weirdly like it. I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to it, but I still like it every time.

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