Jul 17, 2015

Really Thrilling & Cosmic


Happy Friday!

  1. Coke Studio is one of the most remarkable things in my music world and it has been for years. Javed Bashir's traditional folk qawwali and that lute (I think it's a lute?) in Yaad are just amazing. Also, people like to demonize modern pop for being simplistic for the sake of being catchy (i.e. memorable). But I could say the same about traditional qawwalis and bhajans.
  2. I found this amazing UK band that specializes in Swing. This cover of Lorde's Royals is one of the most classic, white things I've seen or heard. It's great.
  3. And lastly, according to the first comment, this Game of Thrones cover on a Sitar is "really thrilling and cosmic". It's a pretty accurate review, I think.

What are you listening to this week?

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