Jul 16, 2020

Can I Give Some Experience Back?

#career #engineering

They say that having a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous, but they didn't say that it would be dangerous to me.

The annoying (and hard) thing about accumulating experience is that problems becomes a little more solvable every day. No matter how stuck I get, there's always that tiny string. Dangling. Waiting for me to tug on it. And I know if take hold, it'll take me a little bit further; I'll be a little bit less stuck. I know I can get to where I want to be.

It's exhausting.

I think this is what it means to be a mid-level engineer: you have the ability to solve most problems, but not the ability to know when or how to stop.

So that's the next frontier, I guess. Resisting the urge to do the one thing I just became halfway good at.

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