Feb 11, 2022

Cookie Log No. 2

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prep notes

  • Same Recipe as last time.
  • Same quantity: 1/2 of all the amounts. Didn't mess up the salt this time.
  • Melted butter before mixing into sugar (30s first then 60s, out of the fridge, not frozen)
    • Can't remember what I did last time, but seem to remember it was harder to mix the butter and sugar, so maybe it wasn't as melted? Or maybe I'm remembering something else.

baker notes

  • preheated oven too early, started before getting ingredients out
  • Used ice scream scoop to put onto parchment paper (don't remember if I did that last time and wasn't planning to do that this time, but Amisha asked me if I was going to and I realized it's a great idea.)
  • Oven timings
    • 10 mins in the oven
    • immediately another 5 (didn't open oven, only looking through window)
    • then open, and another 5 minutes (after < 1 min delay of being open to look)
  • Cookies looked properly brown, not too white
  • Thinner and bigger this time. Seems the dough spread apart more, maybe because it wasn't as thick as last time? (Is it possible to measure this?)

taster notes

  • Chips didn't melt all the way through again
  • Not enough chips
  • Dough not as good (but I liked it)
  • Cookie was good mix of crispy and soft
  • Couldn't tell there was salt in it
a baking tray of delicious cookies
Photo Credit: @_amishap

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