Dec 9, 2022

Dream RSS Reader


I've been collecting RSS feeds in Feedly for some time, but have recently picked up actually reading them again. There's one particularly annoying thing about RSS readers though: the only options to read articles are in the RSS reader's sleek UI or by opening links in an in-app or external browser. These are reasonable things, but content starts to feel monotonous after a while. I would really love to be able to scroll through my reader and open an article that renders the original web page. I'm not sure what (if any) security concerns there around this, since any XSS attacks would affect non-RSS readers also, but since I haven't been able to find a reader that has this feature, I am sure I'm missing something.

If this kind of reader did exist though, I would also miss being able to highlight parts of the article, so I'm not sure when (or if) this style would be useful. I recently asked on Mastodon about generic "highlighting" case, and Amelia pointed me to the Web Annotation spec that never made it out of a W3 Working Group.

Something like this would work really well with the way I want to read content on the web!

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